Professional 3 in 1 Permanent Laser Epilator IPL Hair Acne and Wrinkle Removal Device

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New Upgraded Version 3 in 1  Profesional IPL Laser Epilator Home Permanent  Hair Removal ILP Acne and Wrinkles Removal 650 000 Flash Times

It is designed to permanently remove unwanted hair from the body. Owning such a convenient and easy-to-use laser epilator at home saves money, a constant journey to the beauty studio. Besides you can get rid of other skin problems like acne and wrinkles.
The procedure is completely painless and proven to be effective. Safer than wax, with an excellent protection system. No light emits if not touch skin well. 

What is IPL?
IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light, It produces a broad spectrum of light wavelengths that break down the hair regrowth cycle in the upper layer of the skin (epidermis), and is safe to use at home. The best part about IPL is that it can permanently reduce the appearance of hair with just 8 weekly at-home hair removal. 

Remove acne
IPL pulsed light can clear propionibacterium acne, restore your skin. Easily bid farewell to acne.

Remove wrinkles
Its resulting photothermal effect, can enhance vascular function, stimulate the promotion of collagen synthesis, so as to achieve the elimination of wrinkles, remove the effect of pigmentation. 

- permanently remove hair
- extra tool for wrinkles and acne removal
- painless
- delicate
- home privacy
- easy to use
- no special skill needed
- prevent hair regrowth
- portable design
- a long life of the quartz lamp
- 5 adjustable speed
- Hair removal head(HR): 650000 shots
- Acne removal head(AC): 650000 shots
- Skin Rejuvenation head(SR): 650000 shots
- 8 weeks to see the effect
- 100% safe and effective 

How to Use for Hair Removal
1. Clean the glass of the lamp
2. Shave hair and clean the treated area
3. Wear Goggles
4. Apply Our IPL machine
5.Clean treated skin
6. Apply Gel

Permanent  Hair Removal Treatment Course
- 6-10 treatments
- In the first 3-5 treatment, do one treatment every 2-3 weeks
- In the following 6-10 treatment, do one treatment every 4-6 weeks
- In the maintenance period,  do one treatment every 2-3 months for an area with hair regrowth
- The treatment interval is different from each other, the next treatment can be taken after 30% hair regrowth. 

Operation cautions and techniques:
1. The product is not allowed to power on without inserting a lamp, replace the lamp under disconnected adapter. During the operation, do not shield the air intake and ventilation holes to impact heat dispassion.
2. In winter or dry skin, suggest to shave hair and moisturizing in advance, then do hair removal operation the second day.
3. Wear goggles during operation. Do not look at the light twinkling directly or shot light to eyes.
4. During treatment, it is normal to have some skin redness, suggest to use ice pad after treatment.
5. Before the operation, use alcohol cotton pad or swab to disinfect the treatment window, but do not spray alcohol directly on the treatment window.
6. To avoid destroying the device, please do not apply gel or other cosmetics on treated areas during the treatment.
7. Try not eating light-sensitive food, like spinach, cole, mustard, etc. during the treatment.
8. Adjust the energy level from low to high. On condition of safety, the higher the energy level, the better the result. For dark, the skin reaction may be delayed. Thus shall not raise the energy level too quickly.
9. Let the treatment window touches treated area vertically, and do treatment in the areas one by one 2-3 time (please don't overlap and leak). Adjust energy from low to high gradually according to skin tolerance. (from level 1 to level 5, one by one gradually according to your skin tolerance, never start from a higher level than level 1, otherwise, your skin maybe hurt.)
10. Use skin moisture and sun block product after phototherapy treatment. Take a bath after 2 hours. Avoid pouring hot water on hair removal area in a shower, please use warm water.
11. Avoid exposure by ultraviolet light in using period, protect skin from the sun and avoid the computer radiating with skin moisture and sun block product in daily work.
12. After operation turns off, please use alcohol cotton pad or swab to disinfect the treatment window, but do not spray alcohol directly on the treatment window.
13. In the operation, if the hair or bolt pastes on the plastic of the lighting window edge, will cause the plastic of lighting window edge black or black pot, but cannot affect product function and normal use.
14. In the latter period of specified life, it's normal that the in the wall of lamp turns black, it's aging process for a lamp. The weaken rate of power is still in the specified scope, the device still can work normally.
15. The product is not water-proof, so please do not use in a bathroom, shower or any other places in which the instrument may be watered.
16. Avoid keeping it in places where there is a strong magnetic field or electric wave occurred or places in high temperature.
17. Please don't lash or knock device strongly
18. Please do not use this product beyond own functions.
19. Except for GSD authorizing people, others could not disassemble device shell. Otherwise, there will risk of electric. Non Professional people cannot repair the device.

What is in the box:
- Permanent Hair Removal System
- Power Adapter(EU US UK AU Plug)
- Safety Glasses
- Hair Removal Flash HR (Optional)
- Acne Flash AC (Optional)
- Rejuvenation Flash SR (Optional)
- User's Manual(English )
- Brand Packaging
- Gift (Optional) at your choice




Free Gift 1 - Face Massager Skin Care Facial Cleaner 

Positive Ionic lead out function removes metal ion in cosmetic from the skin, the harmful substances penetrate into the skin through horniness deposit as the positive ion in the skin and cause spots rough and aging skin.

Negative Ionic lead in function powerfully replenishes nutrients into the skin which may accumulate surrounding the skin cells as ion cluster and promotes cells to constantly absorb nutrition.
Vibration Function: Stimulate harmful substance which hides in the deep skin to move out quickly.

1. Improve blood circulation
2. Remove eczema, spots
3. Stimulate skin, increase the secret movement of Skin.
4. Deeping improves skin, make skin smooth and white.
5. Deep cleaning skin, lead harmful substances out of the skin
6. Solve the problem: Dark skin, Eczema, Acne, Melanin

Instruction for use:
Use it each time for 10 minutes, 3V button battery average service life is 35-45 times, such as when not in use to remove the battery, if the products are still in the normal work indicating lamp does not light, the product and continue to use the normal work, until the products don't work to replace the battery.

How To Use:
1. Push the power switch to +position, LED light turns, the product vibrates,
export cleaning ion;
2. Push the power switch to - position, LED light turns, the product vibrates,
negative ion light into nutrition;
3. Push the power switch to middle 0 positions, the power off. 



Free Gift 2 - 12 pcs Makeup Brushes Set For Beauty Blush Contour Foundation Cosmetics 

Free Gift 3 - 5 In 1 Body Face Skin Care Cleaning Wash Brush SPA Facial Beauty Relief Massager 

1. Reduce wrinkles.
2. Remove black spots.
3. Remove acne.
4. Clean pore
5. Make skin relaxed
6. Massages gently the skin 

Soft Nylon Brush: Clean up all the scurf clings on the skin, no harm to the skin could be used with facial cleanser,hand-washing cream etc.
Latex Sponge: Rubdown the skin, boost the metabolism of skin, make skin to be much more elastic and lithe.
Natural Polishing Stone: Improve skin texture.
Crude Polishing Stone: Rip off tough skin.
Color: Show as in the picture.
Material: ABS Plastic
Battery: 2 AA batteries  





Free Gift 4 - Platinum electronic roller 3D Body Face Massager Slimming Skin Tighten Breast Enhancing 

Double roller with PT plating for the sensitive skin, relieve sensitivity skin. With new kneading technology, 360 degrees rotate design. 

3D roller design, you can use it on your face or your body.
The curved handle, comfortable hand feeling.
Better design can be adjusted according to different massage place.
Fashion design, with microcurrent technology.
Adopt for the sensitivity and unconscious skin.
Rolling to make your skin more smoothness.
Waterproof design.
Skin tightening. 

1. Produce microcurrent by absorbing solar energy to activate cells, and promote the metabolism of the skin.
2. The roller bolls designed by simulating the massage gestures of a beautician.
3. 288 cut faces, ready for every corner of the body.

Caution before usage
1. Take off the accessories such as necklace, earrings.
2. Piled up hair or firm them with a hair band, to avoid hair entanglement, and the rolling will be more smooth. Use the hairpin for short hair.
3. Pay attention to the hair around the ears to avoid entanglement.
4. For dry or sensitive skin, please paint some lotion before usage.



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