9 Colors Diamond Professional Eye Shadow Palette Make Up

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High quality 9 Colors Diamond Professional Eye Shadow Palette Make Up.

Waterproof and Water-resistant shimmering eyeshadow.

Easy to put on the make-up, natural uniform color, joint connection with the skin, not easy to take off the makeup, stereo, and durable makeup effect.

High-quality mineral eyeshadow powder, safety, and reliability, natural care for skin;

Micro powder technology, fine and smooth powder, bright colors, strong tinting strength, make a perfect combination of skin and color;
Contains Shimmer molecules, stereo full makeup, Luminox can reflect light, reflects excellent color and texture; 

A practical color scheme, from simple to delicate makeup effect, each eyeshadow box combines flexibly eye color such as deep, bright, essential color and so on, let you can depend on your need or different situation to create all kinds of cosmetics;

Fine and smooth powder, smooth sense of touch, refract profusion color,longer-lasting effect, makes all kinds of eye makeup style. 

Suitable for all skin types

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