Desktop Storage Box Makeup Organizer Cosmetic Jewelry Container

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Combinable Desktop Storage Box Makeup Organizer gives you the opportunity to create your own personalized makeup and cosmetics beauty counter. Interchangeable design allows you to change how it is stacked to fit your preference. 

Storage case holds various beauty items in one place and fits on most dressers. Functional and convenient display case. Can also be used to store jewelry and personal accessories.

Makeup and brushes fit all in one place. Drawers are perfect for storing lipsticks, foundations, bronzers, blushes, eyeshadows, primers, powders, perfumes, and much more. 

The storage box is made of plastic. Each piece has the same length of 32 cm, you can DIY Installation. The real product has large size and capacity. You can buy it per box, not the whole combination and make your own choice. Great gift for any makeup lover.

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