Electric Nail Drill Professional Manicure Pen Tool, Nail Polish Set

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To make easy your hands looking good, you can easily use a Professional Electric Nail Drill.
It consists of one cordless salon shaper and 5 attachments. With the Diamond Cone, you can remove dead skin and calluses. The small Grinding Cone is for cuticles and corners. A Grinding Cone smoothes thick nails and rippled surface. The Felt Cone is to polish and buff the nails. And with the Emery Head, you can shape, sculpt and trip in the form you like. The Nail polish tool comes with bag and without retail box.

It is powered by 2 AA Batteries (not included), made in convenient pen size approx.2.6 cm x 16.5 cm. With this nail drill, you can easy file, sculpt and polish your nails in nice shape.

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