Portable Facial Body Nebulizer Steamer Nano Mist Sprayer

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The Nano Mist Sprayer Facial Body Nebulizer is an innovative product for refreshing the face during the winter months or summer heat.

Large LED large transparent water tank, 20 ml capacity, removable. The nano-ion replenishment won't destroy your makeup.

USB charging, mini and portable. The sprayer is designed with a sliding cover.

Abundant water stored in a tank whose capacity is 20 ml.

Fast replenishment, replenish moisture for the skin. Real nano-spray, can be used anytime and anywhere.

Spray for a long time, filled once can be used for about 12 hours.

Small and easy to carry beautiful appearance.

Product Instructions:

1. Hold the cover of the water replenisher and rotate it counterclockwise
2. Add water to the tank.
3. Screw up the cover clockwise.


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