Freckle Moles Acne Removal Laser Pen LCD Display USB Charged

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Professional Freckle Moles Removal Lase Pen LCD Display USB Charged Dot Mole Pen for perfect and smoothy skin. Remove spots, mole, granulation, tattoos. ABC material, steel needle easy to use with good effect. 

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1.Micro Current Technology: using the latest high-tech, controlled by a microcomputer.Safe, convenient and fast.

2.6 Power Levels: by using 3 adjustable power output levels, smart and reliable.

3.Electric Ion Technology: the unique ion technology will not let the user feel the electric current during using, no bleeding.

4.Rechargeable: a single charge can be used more than 5 hours continuously. Convenient and easy to carry.

 Working principle:

The machine produces high-voltage micro-current, when contact skin, will produce a current spark, cause the skin carbonization, to remove the freckles & moles. 

Package Included:

1 x Main Pen

1 x USB Cable

1 x big needle

1 x set small needles

1 x Manual

Packed well in a retail box

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