LED Photon Laser Rechargeable Hair Regrowth Brush Anti Hair Loss Comb

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Say goodbye to a hair loss with a LED Photon Laser Rechargeable Hair Regrowth Comb. Allow your hair to return to a healthy growth cycle and reduce the hair loss. Provide a healthy scalp growth environment. Awake the aging hair follicles and promote natural hair growth. All these advantages You can have just in one item.

Product technology introduction:|
3 in 1 laser hair comb is a scalp and hair care instrument. Wavelength 650nm laser can effectively activate the atrophy of the scalp hair follicle cells, make the biological energy became balance, improve the metabolism. In the case of normal metabolism, the scalp and hair follicle tissue will be more fully absorb nutrition, promote hair regrew. At the same time, a laser can promote the blood circulation, accelerate the nutrition to the hair follicle tissue, through to accelerate the hair growth's early, middle and late cycle process to promote hair growth.

This product is a combination of low power laser and microcurrent. Low power laser directly effects on the head skin, thus promote the blood circulation, improve hair quality and enhance head health. Using laser combined with special biological electric current, activate hair follicle tissue to absorb more nutrition, promote hair growth and prevent the hair from being whitening.

Microcurrent + laser: The key to remove blocked hair follicles and stimulate the hair follicles activity. Laser treatment, to go straight to the root hair follicles: by laser physical therapy, to increase scalp cell activity, deep into the pores, stimulate the hair follicles activity, promote blood circulation, make the hair grew well.

Microcurrent, stronger vitality to the hair: microcurrent stimulates scalp via ions, unchoke the clogged pores, activate the hair follicle, so to supply nutrition to hair and strengthen hair root.

Main benefits:

1. Accelerating blood circulation and promoting metabolism, make the oxygen and nutrition be sent to the hair follicles, to achieve the effect of anti-hair loss

2. Stimulating the hair follicle, to achieve the effect of reducing hair loss and hair regrowth.

3. Regulating oil secretion, improve hair loss problem.

4. Promoting scalp health and improving hair quality.

5. 3 in 1 function:
(1) Laser: promote hair growth;
(2) Microcurrent: strengthen hair root and anti-hair loss;
(3) Red LED light: assist hair growth

6. Healthcare tool for your hair at home

7. Portable and convenient to carry

How to use:


  1. Press the ON/OFF to turn it on. The comb is in standby mode. The LED panel lights up and displays EMS, RF, Nurse, Photon, Time10Min
  2. The second press, turn on EMS.RF mode, at this time in the position L *low
  3. The third press at this time EMS.RF mode is in position M *middle
  4. The fourth press at this time EMS.RF mode is in position H *high
  5. The fifth press in the OFF state, the display goes out.


  1. Press the Photon button to open, this time in vibration massage mode
  2. Press the Photon button for the second time, turn on EMS laser mode
  3. Press the Photon button for the third time, this time in nano-light mode
  4. Press the Photon button for the fourth time, in the laser and LED red light mixing mode
  5. Press the Photon button for the fifth time, this is at Nurse and Photon - OFF

Photon wavelength: 630-650 nm, 8pcs LEDs
Charging style: USB cable for charging
Power: AC-100-240V, 50-60HZ 3W
Power of laser: 1mW-5mW

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