Manicure and Pedicure Tool Kit

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Manicure and Pedicure Tool Kit
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You'll nail it everyone with this deluxe manicure set!


It gives you all the essentials to create your perfect manicure and pedicure at home. Each tool fits comfortably in your hand.


This set contains Cuticle Nipper, Nailfile, Nail Clean Tool, and Toenail Corrector,a variety of tools to repair toenails.


The Cuticle Nipper has anti-nail splash baffle for safety.




Double sided nail lifter is perfect for lifting painful ingrown nails, With its grooves for extra grip, safely and effortlessly lift away toenails from the skin.

Meanwhile, it helps cleans dirt that under the toenail, keep nails neatly and prevent future ingrown and nail groove pain. Amazing in aiding the antiseptic cream application.


Powerful and sharp nail cutter with unique spring technology, specially designed 15-degree curved blade perfect for cleanly and smoothly removing any ingrown toenails or thick nail even difficult or sensitive areas.

It Keep nails neatly trimmed and prevent future ingrown toenails with the curved clipper.


Double sided stainless steel surface with side texture highlight the usability and makes great performance on thick or ingrown toenails.

Skid-resistant ergonomics&easy to use, only apply little pressure but can see results immediately and it will not bend! 



How to use the toenail corrector:

Step 1. Before using the corrector for the first time, just soak your feet by the warm water(no less than 10 minutes), the goal is to soften your nails, reduce the nails pain.

Step 2. Take the feet out of the water, wait for 15 minutes for dry the feet.

Step 3. Thoroughly disinfect the toenails, hands and corrector tools.

Step 4. Use one hand to hold the middle fulcrum of the tool, and use the other hand for twisting the nut to adjust the corrector on the toenail.

Then hook both sides of the toenail by the corrector two hooks.

Step 5. After fixation, slightly the corrector for per 10 minutes, slowly intensify until the nail have a sense of expansion. BUT, if your toenail is thin, must gently intensify the corrector.

Step 6. If you just have one side ingrown toenail, when you use the corrector, please adjust the equipment in the appropriate angle, in a case to hurt the other health side. And also only intensify the ingrown toenail side.

Step 7. When you finished the adjust of the corrector, waiting for the toenail totally dry, then remove it off your toenail, and stuff some medical cotton under the tilted nails to prevent rebound.


Type: Toenail Corrector Kit

Color: Silver

Material: Stainless steel 

Quantity: 5Pcs/Set

The Best Treat Time: Before Your Sleeping

Package Size: 15cm*8.6cm*1.9cm/5.91*3.39*0.75 inch (approx.)


Package Included:

1x Cuticle Nipper

1x Nail Clean Tool

1x Toenail Corrector

1x Nailfile

1x Anti-nail Splash Baffle