Nail Gel Transparent Hard Jelly Quick Building Extend Gum Poly Gel

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Nail Gel Transparent Hard Jelly  Quick Building Gel - for good and healthy looking nails. Easy to put in gentle colors. With their help, your hands will look perfect.You can find here all, what is necessary to look cool.

How to use it:
Step 1.washing hands, wiping nail and removing cuticle.
Step 2.brushing Brush a thin layer base coat, curing 1-2 minutes by 36 w UV lamp.
Step 3.Brush a thin layer color, curing 2 minutes.
Step 4.Brush one more layer color, curing 2 minutes. 
Step 5.Brush a layer top coat, curing 3 minutes.
Step 6.Wipe nail surface with cleanser to get perfect shining. 

Soak off camouflage color hard jelly quick building poly gel: 
Step 1: Soak a cotton pad with liquid remover. 
Step 2: Warp the finger. 
Step 3: Wait for 2~5min. 
Step 4: Gently file away. 

Attention !!!
Prevent touching by children.
Keep away from sunshine and heat.
Keep tight after use.
Follow directions for use.
Discontinue use if sensitization occurs.
It is a normal phenomenon if the gel goes thicker in the case of temperature reduction.

Product features:

Item Type: Nail Gel
Quantity: 1 Pc
Ingredient: UV Curable Resin 
Type: UV Gel
NET WT: 30g

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