Original Hematite Magnetic Bracelet Weight Loss Therapy Health Bracelet

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Original Hematite Magnetic Bracelet 

100% brand new and high quality. 15 Styles for choosing, as shown in the pictures.
Size: As picture shows - Elastic rope suit easy to wear. 

A healthy care bracelet, with anti-fatigue function;
A fashion and useful accessory to make you healthy;
A variety of shapes of a magnet, will cause a resonance between each other, enhance the bio-magnetic effect. 

Suitable mostly for:
Pain with arthritis, joint pain, carpal tunnel, repetitive strain injury(RSI), Fatigue, insomnia(difficulty sleeping), stress and anxiety, poor circulation associated with Diabetes, cold hands and feet. 

Not suitable for:
1. Patients after heart surgery or with pacemakers;
2. Don't place with magnetic cards (bank cards, bus cards,etc.), mobile phones, computer or other electronics. 

Magnetic Therapy Does Wonders for your body! It has been used for years to help alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and improve blood circulation. Also, reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep and enhance overall balance and mood. 

Naturally magnetic properties of hematite are known to have therapeutic, improving wellbeing, reducing stress, stimulate the nervous system, improve sleep, metabolism, ease arthritis pain. The combination of these stimulating factors helps to lose weight faster. The magnetic brace will set up a magnetic field that improves the internal circulation, thereby reducing weight. The gemstone will relieve fatigue and pain, adjuvant therapy for arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, cervical spondylosis, sciatica, dysmenorrhea, anemia. 

When You are preparing for a difficult confrontation (especially one that has to do with money), put on your hematite jewel like armor. This strong, protective stone will keep you emotionally and spiritually safe, and it should be thought of as having that purpose. 

Read some more information about this wonder mineral: 

Hematite is a powerful mineral (iron oxide). The name hematite derives it meaning from the Greek word for blood. The stone looks shiny black on the outside, but if you break it (not an easy thing to do!), you will see that on the inside hematite has a deep blood red color.
Another reason for its name might be related to the high iron content found in hematite (almost 70%), which made it a popular healing stone for blood-related disorders. Because hematite has been used for such a long time, it has a wide variety of healing properties ascribed to it, from relieving leg cramps to alleviating fevers.

Hematite has very strong grounding energy; you can feel that just by holding the stone in your hand. It also has a cooling and calming effect, as well as helps develop concentration and focus. Overall, hematite brings a quality of energy that is powerful, strong and grounding. It works with one's mind by calming it and clearing the unnecessary clutter.

In feng shui, hematite is used for its grounding, calming, as well as protective properties. Hematite can also be energizing (in a balanced kind of way), so you can often find it in feng shui jewelry.

The gemstone hematite is said to bring inner peace and dissolve negative energy into love, according to Wishgiving.com. This powerful grayish black stone has been used for centuries as an alternative form of healing. It's history dates back to ancient Egypt when the stone was used to stop blood flow and remove poisons from the body. As with any alternative health method, please consult your doctor first. 

Magnetic Hematite
The iron content in magnetic hematite will cure blood pressure disorders and kidney problems. It is said to be effective in healing pain because it maintains the charge of nerve cells. Magnetic hematite will also regulate the blood flow in the body. It is also used to cure and relieve headaches and anemia. Additional physical benefits include relief from cramps, spinal problems, and fractured bones. 

Chakra Balancing
According to "The Handbook of Chakra Healing," hematite will balance and activate the root chakra. A healthy root chakra is important in maintaining life energy, endurance, rhythm and connection to nature. Signs of an imbalanced root chakra are lack of self-control and self-centered behavior. Place the hematite on your tailbone while laying face down. Place the stone directly on the skin for maximum benefits. 

Emotional Health
Hematite is known as the "stress stone," according to crystal energy therapist, Karen Ryan. Ryan says to carry your hematite stone in your pocket or leave it under your pillow at night. You can also use the stone as a decorative object at home or at the office. The stone will help your thoughts to be more focused, balanced and clear, aiding in communication and self-esteem.

Metaphysical Properties
Hematite has the power to offer support for your hopes, dreams, wishes, and desires. Hematite encourages you to "reach for the sun" and will remind you that the only thing standing in your way is yourself. It is associated with astrological signs, Aries and Aquarius. It is also said to have the ability to balance the energies that exist between the mind, body, and spirit, creating harmony within yourself and all around you. 

We recommend wearing hematite jewels as a necklace or bracelet. Both place hematite over your vital pulse points, thus maximizing its protective energy. Wide cuff bracelets and choker-style necklaces are especially excellent for driving the point of the protection home and making you feel a little more like Wonder Woman.