Rhinitis Sinusitis Nose Therapy Device Low Frequency Pulse Laser Massage

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Rhinitis Sinusitis Nose Therapy Device Low-Frequency Pulse Laser Massage

Rhinitis is what gives us physical problems. Here we introduce a solution how to solve them! 

Principe of treatment:

Laser Rhinitis therapeutic apparatus is based on modern medicine and clinical practice research and development of semiconductor laser therapeutic instrument, the instrument adopts the semiconductor Light produce wavelength of 660 nm, 8-12 mW low visible laser intensity, irradiation treatment to the nasal cavity, activate blood physiology.

Function, improve the rheology of blood cells, improve red blood cells, biological activity, reduce platelet aggregation so that the blood rheology
Properties improved, reduce blood viscosity, blood fat, cholesterol, dilate blood vessels, adjust blood pressure, improving microcirculation, an obvious effect on preventing thrombosis.

Super low-intensity light can also activate certain receptors, produce photochemical effect, make the blood gases and nutrients metabolism increases, It is good for blood to carry oxygen metabolism, improve body oxygen and nutrition supply, improve the body resistance to oxidation and removal of oxygen free radical ability, for the prevention and treatment of disease of heart head blood-vessel, anti-aging, enhance immunity has good effect, is suitable for individual and family therapy and health care. 


1. Adopts low-level laser irradiation which is painless, non-invasive, no side effects and has good, rapid effects.
2. The instrument does not contain the pharmaceutical and chemical component. Laser treatment fundamentally enhance the detoxifying capacity and immunocompetence
3. It's a household portable instrument
4.Extra laser head jackets provided to make the treatment cleaner and healthier. 

Applicable to the crowd

1.Medicaments sex rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, acute or chronic rhinitis
2. Drying rhinitis have rhinitis, sinusitis, etc all kinds of rhinitis patients caused by nasal congestion, sneezing, dizziness, headache, blurred vision, listening comprehension, memory decline, depression symptoms
3. Long-term medication, still cured, and drug tolerance of patients
4. Have used a variety of treatments, still break out repeatedly, has lost confidence in the treatment of patients 

Power:  9v battery
(not included the battery)

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