Snail Serum Pure Organic Extract Hyaluronic Acid Rejuvenation Serum

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Snail Serum Pure Organic Extract Hyaluronic Acid Rejuvenation Serum

Pure Snail Serum contains ZERO excipients (additional ingredients). 

Therefore, it is extremely concentrated and effective.

The pure Snail Serum is a Godsend for people with sensitive skin.

Snail Extract cosmetics can be very irritating, thanks to their formulas, full of chemicals that "fill in" a cream formula that has only a small percentage of an active ingredient, like Snail serum.

Since the Snail Serum is so concentrated, you will discover that aside from the absence of any skin irritation, it produces quicker results than any conventional Snail Extract cosmetic, including the most reputable creams. Extremely old scars fade in half the time.

Very old stretch marks practically disappear in 30 days. Even the worst acne cases are cleared up in 3 weeks. 

Pure snail serum extract recover your skin with deep repair nourishing snail concentrate. 

Anti-aging, Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Acne serum make the skin feel younger, cleaner, shrink pores and restore glittering.

Urban lifestyle and air quality, especially in big cities destroy the makeup of the skin.

After using snail nourishing concentrate, your skin will look refreshed, elastic, younger and shiny.

Ingredient: Snail Hyaluronic acid
Formulation: Liquid
Features: Moisturizing, Oil-control, Anti-Aging, Whitening, Acne Treatment
Shelf life: 3 years
Suitable for: all kinds of skin
Net weight: 10ml

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