Waterproof New Hot Rain Shoe Covers

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  1. Don't be afraid of the bad rainy weather! There they are! The New Hot Waterproof Rain Shoe Covers. Classic and stylish, with unique design and high quality. Keep your shoes dry and clean. Made from PVC and pure rubber material, environmentally friendly and high non-slip performance. Made easy to remove with a comfortable zip, matching any kind of shoes and sneakers.The best thing is a non-slip rubber sole, which prevents you from slipping into puddles and spraying with mud. Ergonomic design in hard gives you a comfortable feeling, tough protection in style shoes from rainwater and mud. Easy to carry and easy to wash this rain shoe covers keeps you relaxed and not worried about the weather or ruining shoes. Environmentally friendly, stylish in different colors, a good item in daily life.  


If you use sports shoes, we recommend choosing a larger size. It is a difference from flat and sneaker in size - such as- Flat shoes(S), Sneaker(M).


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